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There are situations that come along carrying a bit of uncertainty, and in those times it seems in these situations a sense of urgency comes with it. It is in this arena that Investigations America operates. Clients need answers for different purposes regarding business or personal reasons, and it is Investigations America that provides those answers.

Your safety is our priority. Investigations America can help protect your clients, family, your friends, and your way of life.

Investigations America consists entirely of experienced professionals that specialize in nationwide background screening services for employment, tenant, and due diligence reports for business clients.

We offer professional, responsible, and thorough background checks, services and products that will provide:

  • A safer workplace
  • A safer environment for your children
  • A safer residential space
  • A safer new relationship
  • A safer life and peace of mind

We understand the importance of receiving information that is thorough, timely, reasonably priced, and validated for accuracy. We take great pride in our process for collecting and reporting information, and we do so with the utmost integrity and honor. As such, we customize our strategies and processes to match the client’s needs.

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