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We Can Customize an Employment Screening Package For You

When the success of your business is at stake, get the facts you need to make the most informed decisions. Regulation compliant background checks is an invaluable tool for businesses large or small.

We will conduct our industry standard Trace/FM. A social security trace is utilized to identify an applicant’s possible residential history for a period of seven years. We then check each County and City where the applicant has resided for Felonies and Misdemeanor convictions. A Nationwide Sexual Offender search is included.

We will also ensure that degrees, credentials and certifications are authentic and current. We will contact previous employers when appropriate to determine the employee’s prior employment record. A driving record search may be useful for employees that will drive and may reveal information that some courts do not classify as criminal, such as alcohol related offenses.

Our Background Checks

Our services fall into three main categories:

  • Pre & Post Employment Screening
  • Due Diligence Screening
  • Vendor and Contractor Screening

Criminal, Data & Reference Checks

Within these areas, we offer a wide range of solutions.

Criminal Checks

  • Misdemeanors
  • Felonies
  • Federal Offenses

Data Checks

  • Social Security Traces
  • Motor Vehicle Reports
  • Pre-Employment Credit Reports

Reference Checks

  • Employment Verification
  • Educational Verification
  • Personal Reference Check
  • Professional Reference Check

Additional Services

  • Assessment Testing
  • Drug Testing
  • Professional License Verification
  • Civil Litigation Check
  • OIG Denied Parties List
  • Business and Property Ownership
  • Media Search
  • Consulting Services

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