Asset Research

Finding Hidden Assets

When pursuing a judgment, one often confronts a significant obstacle: discerning the genuine financial state of the defendant. Many individuals, upon receiving a judgment against them, claim insolvency, while in reality, they have concealed assets. This is where the expertise of Investigations America steps in.


Asset Searches

Whether someone is hiding physical properties, unencumbered vehicles, or businesses under their name, we track and unveil these assets.


Piercing the Corporate Veil

A company's financial structure, whether a corporation or an LLC, doesn't deter us. If someone runs their business as a de facto sole proprietorship, we identify and consider those assets.


Bank Searches

While bank records aren't publicly accessible, our expertise and know-how enable us to employ innovative methods to determine where someone might be banking.


Dumpster Diving

Shockingly, many people, including businesses, throw away revealing documents. We legally retrieve these discarded pieces to unearth potential asset information.

The decision to initiate an asset search isn't always straightforward. Factors like the value of the judgment and the cost of our services come into play. While we provide premium, detail-oriented services, individuals must weigh the potential financial gain against the cost.

Our success stories are a testament to our commitment and proficiency. From helping individuals recover relatively minor amounts, such as $6,000, to tracking down those with criminal charges, our multifaceted approach ensures thoroughness and results.

Judgments are only as valuable as the ability to enforce them. If you suspect concealed assets and need assistance in uncovering them, Investigations America is at your service.

Tim Valentine

Using Investigations America was a great experience. We had a problem with dishonest employees in our business and never thought we would need to hire a private investigator. They were professional and explained all our options. In the end the issue was resolved by them and was well worth the money. I highly recommend them.

Sonya Roberts

After several process serving attempts with another company (plus cost) I got frustrated and found Investigations America. We were down to the wire on timing before my hearing the next day, but Investigations America swooped in and completed the task with no problem. Thank you!

Kim Coe

Very thorough and so friendly! Made this whole process so easy & comfortable for me!! Would recommend it 10000 times over & over!!