Boost Your Legal Strategy by Partnering with Investigations America

Legal proceedings can be intricate, requiring a myriad of specific data points to build a strong case. Investigations America offers a comprehensive suite of services to attorneys, ensuring that they receive accurate, timely, and complete information to fortify their legal endeavors.


Litigation Support

Boost the strength of your arguments with solid evidentiary backing.


Witness Location

We have the resources and expertise to pinpoint crucial witnesses.


Process Serving

Efficiently serving documents to a witness or litigant is vital for case progression, and we've got it covered.


Probate Research

We can expedite the search for relatives, streamlining court processes.

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Claims Investigations

Representing insurance companies? Benefit from our deep dives into potential insurance claims fraud or workers comp fraud.


Background Checks

Whether it's for a case or a business-related endeavor, our comprehensive background checks provide clarity.


Due Diligence Investigations

For business attorneys, ensuring all facts are validated before any major decisions can be crucial.

Paralegals might find themselves tasked with sourcing such specialized assistance. If you're seeking a reliable partner to ease your workload and elevate the quality of your case preparations, think of Investigations America.

Tim Valentine

Using Investigations America was a great experience. We had a problem with dishonest employees in our business and never thought we would need to hire a private investigator. They were professional and explained all our options. In the end the issue was resolved by them and was well worth the money. I highly recommend them.

Sonya Roberts

After several process serving attempts with another company (plus cost) I got frustrated and found Investigations America. We were down to the wire on timing before my hearing the next day, but Investigations America swooped in and completed the task with no problem. Thank you!

Kim Coe

Very thorough and so friendly! Made this whole process so easy & comfortable for me!! Would recommend it 10000 times over & over!!