Bug Sweep Services

Protect Your Privacy

In our technologically advanced age, where privacy is becoming increasingly elusive, there's a rising demand for services that ensure safety and discretion. At Investigations America, one of our premier services is bug sweeps, formally known as electronic counter-surveillance sweeps. Contrary to its seemingly simplistic name, this service is complex and vital in the world of corporate and personal security.


Diverse Devices

With modern technology, surveillance devices are no longer restricted to conventional forms. Hidden cameras and listening devices can be inconspicuously embedded into everyday objects such as smoke detectors, wall switches, charging blocks, and even key fobs. Some of these devices can easily connect to Wi-Fi and be accessed remotely, making them hard to detect without specialized equipment.


Widespread Application

This service isn't just for businesses guarding trade secrets or undergoing crucial negotiations. It's equally essential for individuals who suspect their privacy might be compromised.


Advanced Equipment

At Investigations America, our team employs sophisticated tools like spectrum analyzers to detect traditional RF (radio frequency) devices, as well as modern gadgets that might be piggybacking on your Wi-Fi.


Professionalism and Discretion

Our top priority is always our client's security and satisfaction. We handle every case with utmost discretion, ensuring evidence is preserved. And if there's any possibility of law enforcement surveillance, we ensure legal protocols are strictly followed.

Feeling watched? Ensure your peace of mind by partnering with Investigations America for comprehensive bug sweep services. Let our experts handle the tech while you regain your sense of security. Contact us now, and remember, always prioritize discretion – make that call from a safe, unrelated line.

Tim Valentine

Using Investigations America was a great experience. We had a problem with dishonest employees in our business and never thought we would need to hire a private investigator. They were professional and explained all our options. In the end the issue was resolved by them and was well worth the money. I highly recommend them.

Sonya Roberts

After several process serving attempts with another company (plus cost) I got frustrated and found Investigations America. We were down to the wire on timing before my hearing the next day, but Investigations America swooped in and completed the task with no problem. Thank you!

Kim Coe

Very thorough and so friendly! Made this whole process so easy & comfortable for me!! Would recommend it 10000 times over & over!!