Employment Screening Reduces Turnover

Background Check Software

In today’s hiring landscape, background checks have become an essential part of the hiring process. The increasing risk of negligent hiring, theft, workers compensation fraud and discrimination suits requires employers to exercise caution. A comprehensive employment screening program can help mitigate the risk of a bad hiring decision.

Effective background checks should include – identity verification, criminal record checks, sexual offender checks and many times a drug test. Depending on the nature of the position you can also verify past employment, education, professional licenses and driving records. Make sure to hire a company that will ensure compliance with Federal legislation such as the FCRA, ADA and EEOC. By taking the time to screen candidates thoroughly, employers can protect their organizations from potential threats, increase productivity and reduce turnover.

A 2016 study by Aptitude Research Partners, revealed that businesses are using background checks to improve the quality of their hires and the candidate experience. Background checks helped these companies pinpoint the people who would help the company perform and grow. Checks also contributed to a more consistent and enjoyable application process that helps them attract and retain top talent. The study also found that companies who track the candidate experience and quality of their hires are 26% more likely to have a background screening program and tend to experience improved hiring compliance, risk mitigation, and increased workplace safety. In short, background screening is a vital tool in today’s hiring landscape.