Litigation Support

The Power of Expert Litigation Support

At Investigations America, we've always championed the cause of seamless legal operations. With a strong focus on litigation support, we provide an arsenal of services tailored to boost the efficacy and precision of legal proceedings.

What Exactly is Litigation Support?

Litigation support, in essence, revolves around facilitating attorneys in their quest to build and present robust legal cases. Our services in this domain encompass:


Locating Individuals

Not only for process serving but sometimes to notify them of beneficial outcomes, such as pending compensations.


Surveillance Operations

Tracking activities or movements that can be instrumental in a legal case.

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Research Endeavors

This includes delving deep into assets, liabilities, and conducting comprehensive background checks.

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As every legal professional knows, documentation is the backbone of any case. Our experts ensure that all information is meticulously documented for case reference.


Accessing Exclusive Resources

As private investigators, our arsenal comprises exclusive databases and resources, offering insights not readily available even to seasoned legal professionals.

The legal world often requires looking beyond the obvious. Whether it's local courts, federal databases, or unconventional resources, our expertise in knowing precisely where to search sets us apart.

While paralegals exhibit stellar research skills, their vast workload can sometimes impede optimal case preparation. This is where Investigations America steps in, acting as an extended arm of the legal team, ensuring cases move swiftly and cost-effectively for clients.

Stuck in a tight spot and need expert litigation support? Reach out to Investigations America. We're here to simplify, streamline, and strengthen your legal proceedings.

Tim Valentine

Using Investigations America was a great experience. We had a problem with dishonest employees in our business and never thought we would need to hire a private investigator. They were professional and explained all our options. In the end the issue was resolved by them and was well worth the money. I highly recommend them.

Sonya Roberts

After several process serving attempts with another company (plus cost) I got frustrated and found Investigations America. We were down to the wire on timing before my hearing the next day, but Investigations America swooped in and completed the task with no problem. Thank you!

Kim Coe

Very thorough and so friendly! Made this whole process so easy & comfortable for me!! Would recommend it 10000 times over & over!!