Mystery Shopping – What’s The Mystery?

So your sitting at home on Sunday night with the family. It’s your one night off from your small business where you put in 80 or so hours a week. The spaghetti smells great and your just beginning to finally relax when the phone rings. A customer is irate because Hayley Joe, the new cashier, was rude to her! This is one of your best customers and the third complaint this week. Not to mention the cash register is short 5 to 10 dollars every few days and the sales floor is a mess every morning. If only you could be in two places at once.

According to a recent report 89% of consumers will stop doing business with a company due to poor customer service. A Mystery Shopping Service can be a business owners way to in fact be in two places at once and make sure we are not losing customers due to a bad experience. Mystery shoppers can visit your establishment and interact with your employees as a undercover customer so to speak. They can observe and report on operations, customer service, procedural compliance and even employee integrity when you can’t be at your business.

As an owner you know the criteria that you want your team to be following when it comes to customer service, sales, merchandising and all of your business operations. A Mystery Shopping service will create a report based on the criteria you feel would be most useful for you to create a truly successful customer experience. Companies who create a culture of learning and growing through training are far more likely to grow and succeed. One way to facilitate a culture of learning is by creating teaching moments through a well planned Mystery Shopping program. In this video, Ted Moss CEO of Investigations America, Inc. explains the benefits of Mystery Shopping.