Process Serving

The Art of Process Serving:

At Investigations America, one intriguing facet of our extensive suite of services is process serving. This is the action many have seen in films where an individual, usually unsuspecting, is handed a legal document and told, “You’ve been served.” While it may sound straightforward, this task often involves a combination of strategy, determination, and sometimes even a touch of ingenuity.

The primary goal is to deliver legal notifications to individuals, ensuring they are aware of their responsibilities or upcoming court dates.



Many people go to great lengths to evade this, be it by hiding from attorneys or discarding mailed legal notices. It’s our job to ensure that these documents reach the right hands.

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Strategies Employed

With the advent of services like DoorDash, we have integrated unique methods to approach individuals and ensure they receive their documents. The element of surprise often works in our favor, making the process efficient.



What if someone claims they weren’t served? We have robust mechanisms in place to counter such scenarios. Every service is backed by an affidavit, signed and notarized, confirming the delivery of the document. Our reputation as licensed private investigators further adds weight to our affidavits.


Beyond the Basics

While our primary goal is service, we sometimes go the extra mile to ensure indisputable proof. On occasion, we've captured photographic evidence of the serve, ensuring there's no room for doubt.

If you're struggling with a non-responsive party or need a legal document delivered with precision and professionalism, Investigations America is your go-to solution. Entrust us with your process serving needs and watch us deliver with accuracy and reliability.

Tim Valentine

Using Investigations America was a great experience. We had a problem with dishonest employees in our business and never thought we would need to hire a private investigator. They were professional and explained all our options. In the end the issue was resolved by them and was well worth the money. I highly recommend them.

Sonya Roberts

After several process serving attempts with another company (plus cost) I got frustrated and found Investigations America. We were down to the wire on timing before my hearing the next day, but Investigations America swooped in and completed the task with no problem. Thank you!

Kim Coe

Very thorough and so friendly! Made this whole process so easy & comfortable for me!! Would recommend it 10000 times over & over!!