Reduce Risk With Employment Background Checks

Updated: Feb 6

Hiring the best person for the job starts with knowing who they are!

According to Paul Seguin of Simplified Screening, “Over 100 Billion dollars a year is lost due to employee theft and embezzlement, that’s a stack of 1 dollar bills 100 miles high!” While we understand that there are no perfect people, hiring the best people for the job starts with knowing who they are. In this strained employment market it may seem that conducting a background check can be an impediment to getting that spot filled, but its not. Hiring the right person, improves productivity, increases profits, reduces turnover and mitigates risk from negligent hiring suits.

Research conducted by Boushey and Glynn found that on average, to replace an employee will cost a company the equivalent of one-fifth of that employee’s annual salary, despite the range of salary. The more specified the job, the higher the turnover costs. Employee turnover is one of the most substantial costs for companies throughout the world. Pre-employment screening can help ensure a more honest workforce and reduce employee turnover.

More than 42 percent admit that their work productivity suffers due to their substance use. If your workplace has employees who are using drugs, there is a good chance that employee morale and the company culture is going to suffer. Drug addiction causes users to behave in a less than consistent manner, which is not conducive to most work environments. When employees are frequently absent, less productive, or behave erratically at work, others in the workplace will tend to become resentful. In the best-case scenario, morale will suffer. In the worst-case scenario, someone could become injured or have their legal rights infringed upon.

The average negligent hiring judgement is 1 Million Dollars with employers being on the losing end about 75% of the time. Hiring the right people isn’t just essential for productivity and profits but to provide a safe work environment for customers and workers alike. Next time you hire make sure your screening process is simple yet effective. Companies like have decades of experience and offer automated employment screening systems that are FCRA compliant. They also can integrate with most applicant tracking and HRIS onboarding systems.