Where Have All The Profits Gone?

Working harder but still not making any money? Have you got the confidence to leave Larry alone in a clients home? Is Devon just bad at math or is he taking an unauthorized Bonus? Employees are responsible for 1/3 of business bankruptcies in this country according to the U.S. Chamber of commerce and steal almost 100 Billion dollars a year from employers. Workplace violence, negligent hiring, workers comp fraud and drug use in the workplace account for even more businesses that close their doors each year.

Many well planned American Dreams have been brought down by a companies most valuable and yet most overlooked asset, their workers. In this current hyper low unemployment environment, the competition to recruit and retain the right talent is getting harder. Employee retention was the top challenge cited by 47% of H.R. professionals in a recent SHRM survey. So while hiring talent that will stay is critically important, hiring productive, honest, team players with integrity can make all the difference between a profitable business and one that is out of business.

Additionally, screening for success creates a work environment that not only creates a profitable work environment but a safe one for both employees and customers. In this week’s video, Ted Moss discusses why a background screening program is an essential part of running a productive business.